ok...so I obviously haven't posted in forever! the reason is, because josh and i moved in with his parents. i want to put pictures up with every post, but i have not been able to get on my laptop, which is where i put all my pictures. i could hook up my laptop to one of their computers to get internet access, but i have not taken to time to do that! mainly because i started summer school. is that a good enough excuse?

i am taking two classes right now, and today is the halfway point for them! i can't believe that. i also can't believe that i thought i could take 2 5week summer classes and keep my sanity. i am taking 1) modern american drama and i love it! 2) christianity and ethics and it is fairly interesting. in my drama class we are reading unbelievable plays, most of which i have read already, and then i go to class from 6-10 pm on tuesdays and thursdays and we watch a movie of each of the plays. we have seen some interesting movies for sure. last night we watched "a long day's journey into night" starring katherine hepburn. very interesting! my christianity and ethics class has been interesting as well. it is amazing how little most of us know about the religion that we claim, and we feel comfortable there. i am happy to be learning about my religion and why we hold many of the ethical standards that we do. my professor is really into this subject, so that makes it good.

ok...so since i've posted last, josh and i have had an awesome memorial day weekend, moved into the in-laws house, celebrated our 1st anniversary, seen our long-lost russian explorer who we missed so much (dana!), and so much has happened to the house. hopefully i will do posts about all of these things very soon. we are supposed to close on the house on the 30th...unbelievable! stay posted...and i promise i'll be better! :) i hope the Lord has been blessing all of you tremendously! see you soon.