So I am trying this out. I added this app to my phone so I can post while I'm on the trip. Hope it works! :)


i'm alive!!!

yes....it's true! i'm alive.

it has been soooooooooo long. and so much has happened! i want to start blogging again, but there's no way i can catch up, so i will hit some highlights:

- i started my master's program in library science (i'm going to be a librarian!) and i love it! i am 1/3 of the way through the program.

- my daddy is doing great and has had no complications since his stroke. praise God!

- i lost 30 pounds, and it was hard!

- i seriously almost live at the church, because josh and i are here nearly every night doing something with the youth, but we love love love it!

- in august, josh and i are going to the UK on a mission trip with 15 other adults from the church...will write more about that later.

- i leave friday for montrose, colorado for a mission trip with a youth choir...can't wait!

- hmmmm...everyone and their dog is having babies! seriously, amanda, rebekah, kelly, brittany, lindsay, samantha, and the list could go on and on. it has been fun having little ones to hold a lot lately. and three of them are my cousins, so our family is growing! :)

that's all i can think of now...but i'm sure i will think of more. i will post prayer requests for our colorado trip, and hopefully i will figure out an easy way to blog from my new iphone, so that i can update you on the trip.

thanks for being patient with me, and gently reminding me that i haven't updated in over 6 months! :) i appreciate those of you who care enough to read about my life...i'll try not to let you down again! hahah! bye!