one month pics...

these were taken when crosby was almost a month old....i know, they're late, of course!


one month old!

crosby turned one month old on friday! unbelievable!

we are so in love with him! he gets bigger and bigger every day and he is starting to smile at us and really focus on our faces. he has also seemed to get more fussy than he was in the first couple of weeks, but we are trying to work through that. :) it's hard not knowing what makes him cry.

one night he slept 7 1/2 hours! that hasn't happened since, but he will usually sleep close to 5 before i need to wake up to feed him. i think he sleeps pretty good. unless i eat something that hurts his tummy...then he does not sleep well at all! poor guy! :(

we went to church for the first time tonight, but only made it through about 10 minutes of the sermon. he liked the music, but he started crying once it got quiet, of course! but we walked around and visited some friends, so that's OK. hopefully we will get back into the church routine soon...mommy misses church!

here are some recent pics...enjoy!

crosby loves his granny!

travis and rebecca had a "reveal" party to tell us what they're having. crosby and i wore pink because we thouht it was a girl...and we were right! we can't wait to meet mackenzie harper snedecor in september! (don't worry, he had boy clothes on under the pink onsie!) :)

nana came to visit and i took a cute picture!

hanging out with his pal, abigail!


crosby tate lee...

finally! i am officially announcing the birth of our wonderful son, crosby tate. he is already 3 1/2 weeks old, which is unbelievable, and updating my blog has just not made it on the to-do list around here. life is wonderful with our newest addition, but it's also super busy, overwhelming, and seems to fly by each day! i can't say i wasn't warned! :)

crosby was born on april 20, 2011 at 10:00 PM after about 31 hours of labor! yikes! he weighed 7 lb. 6oz. and was 19 3/4 inches long. at his two week doctor visit he weighed 8 lb. 4 oz. so he's growing fast! we can't decide who he looks like. i think he looks mostly like josh, but some people think he looks like me. we shall see.

ok enough chatting...i'll post pictures now!

he's finally here! he came out face up...which means he had a really really funny shaped head! :) but that went away by the next day. we were so in love with him from the second we saw him.

he showed us his awesome set of lungs...he gets those from granny. :)

granny and papa

nana and papa

finally...time to go home. there were some small complications at the hospital so we had to stay from wednesday to saturday. we were really ready to get out of there!

barely made it in time for his first easter!

we are wanting to take his picture by this giraffe every month. it was hard to get a good picture with him being so little, but it will be interesting to see how much he grows each month.

first sponge bath at home...can't you tell he loved it?!

josh's sister and her family came in from fort worth to meet crsoby...kaylei really liked holding her little cousin :)

autumn and garrett are great big cousins!

Jesus loves crosby!

one day we drove to needville for crosby to meet his grandparents. this is his great great grandma tate...from whom he gets his middle name :)

he got to meet his great grandpa too...my pappaw

one of my favorites

don't let this fool you...he hates tummy time!

will post more later! i hope! :)


maternity pics...

we did maternity pics last weekend. lauren did them, and she did an excellent job! we went to downtown conroe and found some pretty cool spots. lauren is becoming quite the photographer. check out her website at www.osulunaphotography.blogspot.com. i'm really proud of her, and i love our maternity pics! they are so cute! check 'em out...


incredible reading list...

the last 3 books i read for class were all excellent reads...

the surrender tree by margarita engle
this is an awesome book of poetry about the cuban wars for independence, first from Spain, then from us. this is the second time i've read this book, and i loved it even more then the first time. for history buffs...i highly recommend this. for poetry lovers...also highly recommend it! there are multiple narrators and it's just great!

the wall: growing up behind the iron curtain by peter sis
this is an autobiography by a man who grew up on the east berlin side of the wall. he struggled under the control of the soviet union. the book contains many drawings and simple narrations, but the concepts discussed are pretty deep. probably for older readers than it appears. but it really was a good read and i learned a lot about the cold war that i never knew...from someone who lived it first hand.

the arrival by shaun tan
AMAZING! if you are into graphic novels, this book is a must! the artwork is incredible. seriously. there are no words in this book...none at all. but it is easy to forget that you are reading pictures. the story line puts the reader in the shoes of an immigrant moving to a foreign land to provide for his family. he goes to a whimsical land with intriguing creatures, new language, new weather, new foods, new everything. very eye opening for someone who has never dealt first hand with immigration. seriously good book and even better art.