belly pics

i am 24 weeks now! time flies!

i went to the doctor today to do the glucose test to test for gestational diabetes. hopefully that will go well. i also got to hear crosby's heartbeat...loved that!

i will go back in 4 weeks to do the ultrasound to measure his cyst...keep praying!

here are belly pics...i forgot to post the 20 week ones before...

20 weeks...

24 weeks...

and here are some pics that lauren garcia took of josh and i for our christmas cards... she did an amazing job!
love this one!
that's it for now. hopefully i will find time later to post christmas pics. we leave in the morning for new years in vegas!!! so you will definitely be seeing pics of that.


it's a boy!

yay! we found out at our 20-week ultrasound (over 2 weeks ago :/) that we are having little boy!!! it was so fun to see him moving around inside me...i am ready to start feeling him move, but i am trying to be patient. :)

baby lee was growing and doing great at the ultrasound, but there was one concern that i would love for my prayer warrior friends to be praying about. there is a cyst on his little brain...called a choroid plexus cyst. the doctor said they are fairly common and that more than likely the cyst will shrink and go away...that is our prayer. if that does not happen, then complications will come up. we are praying that when we go at 28 weeks for another ultrasound, that the cyst will be rapidly disappearing. please pray that with us when you think about us.

we have decided on a name for a new little baby boy...crosby. i know...you may be thinking, crosby?! but we love it. so when you see us, just smile and nod and say you love it too!

crosby tate lee...we love him! :)

here is our little guy at the last ultrasound...

say hi crosby!

long legs...like daddy! they are already 4 inches long!

spine and awesome 3D picture of his whole body...so cute!

there he is...the new love of our lives.


big news

sooo...surprise, surprise, i haven't posted in forever! story of my blogging life! facebook just makes it so hard! :)

the big news that i have somehow managed to forget to post on my blog is that

i will be 19 weeks along tomorrow, so i am almost half way! i can't believe that. i wish i could say that it's been an easy last few months, but i have been pretty sick. but all the headaches and sickness are sooooooooooo worth it in the end...i totally know that! and josh has been such a blessing helping me to see the big picture every time we have to pull the car over for me to throw up or get prescriptions filled or any of that stuff. he's wonderful! :)

we find out next tuesday what we will be having...hopefully. we both kind of think it's a boy, but who knows?! we are super pumped to find out though.

once i finish finals for this semester, we will go register and start thinking about a nursery and all that fun stuff. i am excited to get started on making a place for baby lee when he/she arrives. i know, i know, everyone says they will be in our room all the time at first anyways, but i still want to have a great little nursery ready for a newest addition.

i will hopefully remember to post more, like what we're having and names and all that fun stuff. maybe after school is done, i will be able to get on here more. i miss reading all of my friends blogs!

here are some pics for now...

baby lee at 6 weeks

baby lee at 12 weeks

my 16 week belly....barely there



it's been over a month. but i have nothing to write about! :( so i just wanted to say hi!


favorites of london...

backwards again....sorry!

7 of us went to see chicago on broadway on our last night in england. it was excellent!

the view from inside the london eye...a huge ferris wheel in london

the tower of london...an old castle where they kept prisoners for years

group picture in the london eye. this is how big each section of the ferris wheel was. you could fit like 20-30 people in each cart.

this is the memorial at the tower of london where henry viii had two of his wives beheaded. crazy!

we watched every part of the changing of the guards ceremony

getting ready for a FULL day of a bus tour...

the first night in london, don took several of us around to look at monuments at night. they were all so much more beautiful at night. this is albert's memorial.

big ben and parliament at night on the thames river

big ben was my favorite thing!

mark in front of westminster abbey

we ate at the texas embassy catina...it represented the embassy that texas had in london when we were our own country! and they had good fajitas! :)

josh in front of buckingham palace. we got to tour the palace because the queen was at her summer home. it was incredible!

the gardens at buckingham palace

josh and i in front of a statue of eros at picadilly circus

london was unbelievable. i hope we get to go back some day!

durham and roseberry topping...

roseberry topping...our friends tried to convince us all day to climb this "hill" with them...so we did! when we got there....after getting lost...they realized that they had never climbed this one. they had it confused with an easier "hill." i definitely consider this a small mountain! :)

roseberry topping from the road...once we found it
the path down...three of us got lost...this was NOT the path you are supposed to take down! :)

view from the top...gorgeous!

josh pretending to rule the kingdom i guess

the path up...much more climber friendly!

pastor mark in durham...we got stickers for climbing the 300 stair tower to the top of the cathedral. josh changed his sticker to say "i tried to climb..." funny!
view from the top of durham cathedral
john climbing the tower...i was proud of him!
josh climbing the tower...it got really narrow!

jordan...a fellow texas who interned for headland baptist all summer

these phone boths were everywhere in england!

will post london pics later tonight....almost done!

hartlepool pics...

these are backwards of course, because that's what blogger does...and i'm too lazy to fix it this time! :)

our last picture in hartlepool...at the train station. all of the signs were special for the tall ships festival.

our entire group...we worked in 3 different groups while in hartlepool, so we didn't get to see all of these faces most of the week. it was good to be together again.

some of our english friends...seeing us off at the station

my group for quiz night: "too big to lose!" we thought if we had lots of team members we would win, but we lost terribly. quiz nights are really popular there and they are just fun nights of trivia games with prizes. super neat idea!

pastor mark kissing a bobbie

john working at westview baptist. we had a team here all week working on their yard and painting the building. the yard was so overgrown and neighbors had dumped trash in it. seriously, under the brush we found rusty tools, a mattress, syringes, etc. ick!

the ships were beautiful!

chloe...a did her nails at the nail bar...it was kind of like we would do face painting here. the little girls loved it!

every morning we walked the streets and beaches picking up litter

headland baptist church

josh and i saw a baby seal on the beach walking from our host home to the church!

josh and i at the festival on sunday

our friends on the top of roseberry topping! it was a long hike...

group picture at durham

josh and don barbequed for the texas night

now i will post some pics from durham and then london!