belly pics

i am 24 weeks now! time flies!

i went to the doctor today to do the glucose test to test for gestational diabetes. hopefully that will go well. i also got to hear crosby's heartbeat...loved that!

i will go back in 4 weeks to do the ultrasound to measure his cyst...keep praying!

here are belly pics...i forgot to post the 20 week ones before...

20 weeks...

24 weeks...

and here are some pics that lauren garcia took of josh and i for our christmas cards... she did an amazing job!
love this one!
that's it for now. hopefully i will find time later to post christmas pics. we leave in the morning for new years in vegas!!! so you will definitely be seeing pics of that.


it's a boy!

yay! we found out at our 20-week ultrasound (over 2 weeks ago :/) that we are having little boy!!! it was so fun to see him moving around inside me...i am ready to start feeling him move, but i am trying to be patient. :)

baby lee was growing and doing great at the ultrasound, but there was one concern that i would love for my prayer warrior friends to be praying about. there is a cyst on his little brain...called a choroid plexus cyst. the doctor said they are fairly common and that more than likely the cyst will shrink and go away...that is our prayer. if that does not happen, then complications will come up. we are praying that when we go at 28 weeks for another ultrasound, that the cyst will be rapidly disappearing. please pray that with us when you think about us.

we have decided on a name for a new little baby boy...crosby. i know...you may be thinking, crosby?! but we love it. so when you see us, just smile and nod and say you love it too!

crosby tate lee...we love him! :)

here is our little guy at the last ultrasound...

say hi crosby!

long legs...like daddy! they are already 4 inches long!

spine and awesome 3D picture of his whole body...so cute!

there he is...the new love of our lives.