incredible reading list...

the last 3 books i read for class were all excellent reads...

the surrender tree by margarita engle
this is an awesome book of poetry about the cuban wars for independence, first from Spain, then from us. this is the second time i've read this book, and i loved it even more then the first time. for history buffs...i highly recommend this. for poetry lovers...also highly recommend it! there are multiple narrators and it's just great!

the wall: growing up behind the iron curtain by peter sis
this is an autobiography by a man who grew up on the east berlin side of the wall. he struggled under the control of the soviet union. the book contains many drawings and simple narrations, but the concepts discussed are pretty deep. probably for older readers than it appears. but it really was a good read and i learned a lot about the cold war that i never knew...from someone who lived it first hand.

the arrival by shaun tan
AMAZING! if you are into graphic novels, this book is a must! the artwork is incredible. seriously. there are no words in this book...none at all. but it is easy to forget that you are reading pictures. the story line puts the reader in the shoes of an immigrant moving to a foreign land to provide for his family. he goes to a whimsical land with intriguing creatures, new language, new weather, new foods, new everything. very eye opening for someone who has never dealt first hand with immigration. seriously good book and even better art.

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