seriously blessed

ok....so again, i'm a horrible blogger, but i just wanted to share a blessing with you all.

last friday, my daddy had 2 strokes. he was home by himself and called my mom, who could not understand anything he was saying. 5 minutes later when she and my sister got there, he was beginning to recover. he had lost the ability to speak and lost movement on his right side...arm, leg, face...the whole she-bang. by the time to ambulance got there, he was getting better, and then he had the second stroke. he was very blessed that the EMT guys were there and could control his movements and reactions. they rushed him to a stroke center in rosenburg, about 15 minutes away, and took care of him right away. josh and i and trav and rebecca were there about an hour later, and we got to see him in the ER right away. by the time we got there, he was laughing, cutting up, and seemed normal to me...as normal as my daddy can be! :) it was such a blessing for me not to have to see him the way my sister and my mom had to. i am too easily stressed out!

they put him in a room and about 20 different doctors came in and out for 2 days making him tug their hands, touch his nose, smile, blah blah blah. i'm sure he got so sick of doing all of these things over and over every hour, but the blessing was that he could do them all each time. each doctor and nurse seemed amazed that he had had a stroke that morning, much less two strokes! he has no permanant damage or lasting after effects from his strokes. God is so good!

please keep praying for my daddy though. his blood pressure is very high now, and he is having to take meds, which i don't think he likes doing. he also is supposed to be on a low sodium diet now...ugh. but he is doing great and seriously has no problems after the strokes. hearing so many horror stories of strokes, i was so scared, and also so relieved and excited when God protected my dad from these things.

i just wanted to share this blessing with you all and encourage you to recognize all of the blessings that God brings to your lives. also, thanks so much for all of your prayers and phone calls and everything last weekend...i have wonderful friends and family. love you all!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Ashley! I hope to talk to you soon.

Hannah Belk-Patrick

MOM said...

Ashley, you are so precious to us! Dad and I both feel very blessed to have such awesome kids! Love you!

Hank Thomas said...

You and me both. God has blessed us at every turn!