good friends...good times

we had some wonderful friends in town this weekend for dana's wedding. it was so good to see them and hang out with them. i wish we would have had more time to visit, but wedding weekends are always hectic, so we did what we could. check out this awesome fam with their adorable kiddos...

they have got to be the cutest family ever...seriously!

this lady is one of my greatest friends! we may not see each other EVER or talk very often, but i truly admire her and love her so much! she is the best mother ever, a great wife, and a wonderful friend. plus, she's beautiful! thanks for being such a great mentor and friend to me...love ya!

the happy couple! josh and i look up to these two so much. their marriage shows us what we want in our marriage. they are so happy and treat each other with such love and respect.

mommy/daughter time at the salon...R did so great and had a blast.

little J loved josh! he said his name like every time he walked into our house. and according to his older brother, he called him "oh my josh." Hahaha...love this kid!

brothers getting crazy with some pizza dough...!

beautiful girl....looks just like her mommy!

getting down at the wedding...
C is used to being the center of attention...but not so much for his little sis. this was a new experience for her! :)

what an awesome weekend! i already can't wait until we can see these friends again...hopefully sooner than later.

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Micah and Sunny said...

Oh my gosh!!! You made me cry!!!!! Oh, I love you guys so so so much, Ash. You are like the best friend a friend could ever have. So encouraging, so gracious, so giving, so understanding. I just love ya like crazy cakes!!! MJ and I are so proud of you and what you have become. We just love Josh so much too. I wish we lived close :( Our kiddos are in love with the two of you too. They haven't stopped talking about you!!!
Love you!!!!