big news

sooo...surprise, surprise, i haven't posted in forever! story of my blogging life! facebook just makes it so hard! :)

the big news that i have somehow managed to forget to post on my blog is that

i will be 19 weeks along tomorrow, so i am almost half way! i can't believe that. i wish i could say that it's been an easy last few months, but i have been pretty sick. but all the headaches and sickness are sooooooooooo worth it in the end...i totally know that! and josh has been such a blessing helping me to see the big picture every time we have to pull the car over for me to throw up or get prescriptions filled or any of that stuff. he's wonderful! :)

we find out next tuesday what we will be having...hopefully. we both kind of think it's a boy, but who knows?! we are super pumped to find out though.

once i finish finals for this semester, we will go register and start thinking about a nursery and all that fun stuff. i am excited to get started on making a place for baby lee when he/she arrives. i know, i know, everyone says they will be in our room all the time at first anyways, but i still want to have a great little nursery ready for a newest addition.

i will hopefully remember to post more, like what we're having and names and all that fun stuff. maybe after school is done, i will be able to get on here more. i miss reading all of my friends blogs!

here are some pics for now...

baby lee at 6 weeks

baby lee at 12 weeks

my 16 week belly....barely there


Deborah Moore said...

What?!?! You're pregnant?! ;) jk Congrats again!

I love your blog! Just read through your London posts. How exciting! I went to London for our senior trip in high school and loved it. I would love to go back. But, how exciting to get to go for ministry! I wanna hear more!

Dana said...

I love it! I can't wait to see what you are having!

MOM said...

You are SO CUTE prego!! I already love my new grandbaby and can't wait to see what wonderful parents I know you and Josh will be!!