fun in the sun...

this weekend was so great! i got to go to lake somerville with my amazing friends! i love this group of friends because we all grew up in church together, and we have all stayed so close. we don't get to hang out really often, but every time we do it is an absolute blast! we try to go camping twice a year all together, and it's always such a great time...this time was no exception. daniel and courtney's family has a boat, so we were able to spend saturday skiing on the lake and getting really really sunburnt! (that part hasn't been so fun) we were blessed with perfect weather though.

craziest story of the weekend...niki and i were sitting in the pitch black in the middle of a little field by our camp sight, and a wild hog (little did we know it was a baby) came up to us and i just about died! it snorted, and at first i thought it was a dog, but then i realized it was a black pig and i took off running lake a crazy lady! (sorry niki) she was left to grab the lantern and explain my freak out to the rest of the group. the guys eventually chased the little hog to another camp sight and i survived. we had good laughs...mostly at my expense...and only one other wildlife encounter with a hungry raccoon.

here's some pics...

my favorite one of brian...doesn't it look professional?!

i love this man

the girls...tanning, of course!

reenacting the "there's a pig" face!

niki and ashley

wow josh, really?
courtney is the pro skiier

the couple that makes this all happen...ya'll are amazing!

niki tried to slolum (however you spell that), she did good but was worn out

ha! sorry daniel! i had to! no, he's not naked, but this is hilarious!

the only downer to the weekend...while we were driving to our camp sight after skiing all day, we got a message that our good friend kyle was in a motor cycle accident. he is ok now, but has a lot of healing to do. God definitely watched out for him. it could have been much much worse. but he did dislocate his shoulder and collar bone, had surgery on his foot, and lost a lot of the skin off his back, arms, and legs. please pray for him as he recovers. his family is in iowa, so we are his family right now. pray that he can go back to work soon and get back to life as usual. thank you Lord for your protection.

that's it! thanks for a great weekend guys! i love you all so much!


Dana said...

Okay so now I am wishing I was there! I miss doing things with ya'll so much! It looks like you had a great time! miss you and love you a bunch!

jrob said...

James and I are totally crashing y'all's next ski trip! ;)

jrob said...

oops...somehow I'm signed in as James. This is Emily. :) James doesn't usually refer to himself in 3rd and 1st person in the same sentence.

ashley lee... said...

that would be so fun! i can't wait!

ashleymarble said...

ha! i am sitting in my little apartment laughing so so loud!!!! i can just imagine you freaking out and running...like literally it feels so real to me! So I check out that conference your church is having. It looks so awesome and I was like pumping myself to ask work to pay for it....well....we have a mission week with our middle schoolers:-( So devastating!

On another note I love your house! Wow...you are so lucky. God seriously had a plan for you when you left OBU. It is amazing to see how he has directed your path.

I love you so so much!

Dana said...

Yea I guess I have seen some pretty cool stuff. Sometimes I forget how neat it is b/c it is kind of everyday life over here. Love you a whole whole lot!

danielmc said...

Nice butt in the last picture!