my little darlings

i just wanted to post about my favorite little nieces and nephews in the world! a lot of you haven't seen them in a while, and they are getting so big!

zachary is growing up fast. he loves sports and jason coaches his tee ball team. his mom is coming home soon...so we are wondering what will be happening with our little dude. but he is excited to see her, and i know he has missed her a lot.

autumn is still a crazy girl, and as beautiful as ever. she will be in 2nd grade next year. she can talk your ear off, but her stories are very animated...she has an incredible imagination. i guess she would be my sister's "sizzlebop," sunny. :)

in fact, she very well may have two of those. garrett is a handful and a half. he is in pre-k right now and cannot wait to start kindergarten next year. he is constantly getting bruises and scrapes, and heather can barely keep up with him. he keeps her on her toes for sure!

and then there's kaylei. she is our only niece on josh's side of the family so far. she was adopted 2 years ago and she was born on my birthday! kaylei has such an adorable personality and the biggest most beautiful brown eyes in the world. she just turned two and she is brilliant! she has memorized like a million flashcards and her vocabulary is almost as big as uncle josh's already!

i love all four of these kiddos and it is incredible how fast they have all grown up! their parents are amazing, and because of them i am not AS scared to be a parent one day!!! :)


Micah and Sunny said...

ahh....ash, they are so incredibly cute. Good grief, I cannot believe how big they are. Autumn looks a lot like Heather. They are all so precious. You are the best aunt ever and I cannot wait to see you as a mommy. Love you tons.
Sun (he he...love the sizzlebop comment...they are so much fun and so much work all rolled up in one!)


Dana said...

I cannot believe how big they have gotten. I remember when Heather was pregnant with Autumn and then when she was just newborn. It seems like yesterday. They are growing up so beautifully!

E-Rob said...

Yes we definitely need to get together soon!! Your family is too cute, and I'm sure you'll make a great mommy one day soon. Yes, I know my added "soon" puts on a bit pressure, but that's what friends are for. :)