memorial day weekend

wow, so i know this is over a month old, but i am now going to attempt to post about the month that i lost while in summer school! memorial day weekend was a blast! this awesome couple from our sunday school class, drew and tara, invited the whole gang up to their parent's cabin in huntsville to fish and hang out. so josh and i expected a tiny little cabin in the woods, but no, this was an amazing house that was so beautifully decorated inside. i loved it. it sat on hundreds of acres and had a fishing pond on the property. we had so much fun! we fished, played frisbee golf, made hamburgers, the girls killed the guys in a game of scene it. it was great! the most important thing we all learned from the weekend...texas DOES have a state rock, and it IS petrified wood! palm wood to be exact. (sorry guys, i had to throw that in there!) ha! here are some pics of the day...
josh caught a fish!
drew being crazy
hank and kelly
isaac and kimberly
the guys played horseshoes, and it was quite hilarious!
this day was actually a couple of days before memorial day, so on memorial day we went to my parents house in needville and had a family get together. not only did we celebrate memorial day, but we gave trav and rebecca a long overdue wedding party! also, my cousin stephen is leaving for the military, actually he left yesterday, so it was good to see him before he took off for bootcamp. here's some more pics...
my great grandma...love her!!!
travis and rebecca...embarrased that we are throwing them a "shower"
10 months after the wedding...you know we love you!
my dad built a new deck...it looks awesome!
we swam a lot, but that many people
in a small pool = not a good idea!
great weekend! i will post again soon.


Roberts said...

Looks like lots of fun! It's weird, I only recognize Hank and Kelley.

Anonymous said...

ash!!! looked like a great weekend! I love the house in needville (sp???)!

I need to come and visit!

I am going to be in Houston next weekend...probably Thursday night- Sat night...let's get together!!!!

Natasha said...

Keep up the good work.