one year, really?

josh and i recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary!!! i can't believe that it's already been a year! it has flown by and has been the greatest year of my life. so much has happened in just a year. i can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for this next year. we are officially moved into the house and we love it! i will try to post pictures as soon as possible. but this post is to show you pictures of our wonderful 1st anniversary. since it was our "paper anniversary" we spent the weekend doing lots of fun things. josh kicked it off by getting me tickets to a super chick flick that i had been dying to see. what a sport, huh? it was fun. these first pics are of us eating our wedding cake...i'm not gonna lie, it was not all that great! :)

then on friday night we went to an astro's game, and we won! every friday game they do an awesome firework display, so we stayed to enjoy that.

then we just walked across the brand new park in down town houston and stayed in an amazing room at the hilton. the hotel was so nice and we had an awesome view of minute maid park. it was such a great night to just get away, just the two of us.

saturday morning we headed back to spring to a going away party for are friends michael and shelah. they moved to colorado, and we miss them a lot. but the evening was fun hanging out and saying good bye. then we got to go meet baby carly for the first time since cindi and logan came home from arkansas. then after church on sunday i gave josh my gift. since it was our paper anniversary i wanted to surprise him with tickets to a dynamo game. but, being the little punk that he is, josh asked lots of questions throughout the week before, and he totally knew what we were doing. he didn't tell me what it was, because he felt bad for ruining the surprise, but i made him act surprised!

we were only 8 rows from the field, so it was stinkin great! it was a totally different atmosphere that i expected. the fans are crazy and they play music and scream the whole 2 hours! and when dynamo scored there was confetti and streamers everywhere. it gets all over the field and then they just keep playing with the field a mess. it was insane. and we won that game too! we were good luck that weekend! we had so much fun, and really enjoyed just hanging out together. we stay so busy lately, we don't get to do that a whole lot.

well, i will post about the new casa soon. be praying for josh's grandma. she has been in the hospital for weeks now. she fells and broke 6 ribs and punctured a lung, so they have her on breathing machines now. she has parkinson's as well, and she has gotten pretty sick. she's running fever and all that stuff. pray that God will bring her comfort, because she really hasn't felt comfortable in a while. i will update soon on that as well.

if you are reading the blog, leave a comment so that i know you're there. a lot of you have told me that you're reading, but i haven't heard from you yet. let me know you're here so i know i'm not writing this blog to myself! :) thanks! have a great week!


Roberts said...

I read! :) I don't know what Dynamo is. I'm so out of touch with 2008!

Yes I understand about the not commenting thing - I get lots of those as well! Come on y'all, comment for Ashley, it's always a nice feeling! :)

bekah said...

i read too! i nearly check my list of links everyday : )

it's nice to feel like we are some how still staying in touch, even in the smallest of ways

congrats on your 1st anniversary! i can't believe that mine & pete's are less then 2 months away! marriage is great! congrats again! : )

you look so beautiful & happy! miss you my college players buddy!

Micah and Sunny said...

Love you, Ash. I am reading all the time. I am someday going to get around to posting pics of us on your floor...it is so great. Had such a fun time with you, miss you something terrible. Hopefully I will be giving you a ring-ring soon telling you all about baby "k"!!!!


Anonymous said...

I read EVERY entry! We love you both tons, and are so happy to see how the Lord has blessed your life together! ~MOM~