2008 prayer and discipleship conference

it's here!!! i can't believe it! my life has been so hectic the last few weeks with moving in the house and getting ready for this conference. when my boss presented it to me over a year ago, i remember how ridiculous i thought it was to be thinking so far ahead. but now the conference is monday and i feel so unprepared. we have about 420 registered and will probably have quite a lot register on the day of. please just be in prayer that everything comes together....speakers and attendees getting to and from hotels, church, and airports...that we have plenty of volunteers to greet, direct the parking lot, serve food, handle registration, drive attendees wherever needed, etc...that the sermons and breakout speakers will have a unity in their messages that can come from nowhere else but straight from God...that people will realize the importance of prayer and discipleship ministries in order to see revival in our nation. all of these things are so important. also pray for our speakers...mark estep, hayes wicker, jimmy draper, frank page, t.w. hunt, frank turek, jay johnston, jim kinnebrew, glenna heidt, elaine helms, tracy jaggers, mark harrison, steve baird, audrey pratt, andy harrison...i think that's everyone. thanks so much, and i will try to blog more once my life settles down.

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Anonymous said...

it's going to be amazing and I'm sure you're more prepared than you think :)! Hope the move into the house is going well...you guys need to start thinking about a Colorado Ski Trip so we can meet up with you this winter, we miss you guys!