viva las vegas!

ok so now that our vegas trip was like a month ago...i thought i would share! no seriously, i got to travel to las vegas with our student choir in june, and it was amazing. we drove, which took two days each way, so all and all i was away from josh for 9 days! that part of the trip was horrible! but we had a great time. we did vbs/sports camps for 4 different churches, we prayer walked, canvased neighborhoods, the kids sang a lot, and we did a block party at one church when we first arrived. it was such a blessing to see the kids minister to others all week long and watch them come out of their shells to do what the Lord asked them to. our fun day was on thursday before we headed home on friday. we went to see the hoover dam (boring), went to the stratosphere, and went to see blue man group that night. the latter two things were amazing, and we had such a fun day. here are a ton of pictures. believe me, it was hard enough to narrow it down to this many from the original 550 or so!!! i know, i'm rediculous!

the happiest day of jenna's life...personally, i found the blue men very freaky. but the show was amazing, and i would definitely recommend it to everyone!

4 crazy sponsors! although most people seemed to forget that jenna and i were sponsors.

the hoover dam...although it was boring, it was very pretty

Jenna, Ashley, and Jenna Ashley...isn't that cute?
two of my favorite girls...

this is the group that i worked with all week at a park for renaissance church. we did soccer, basketball, crafts, and music. we met a ton of cute kiddos and had a blast playing with them each night.

the kids sang at a library one day, and the kids that watched them were part of a music/liberal arts camp. they were amazingly talented and we were able to see them preform as well. definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me.

i feel like i spent most of my trip with these girls. love them!

my room! i had such a great group of girls in my room. they made my first year as a sponsor very easy and fun!

kevin, julie, caleb, and daniel doing the Bible story...they did a great job

we played the silly face game a lot, and daniel (on the right) always won the award for the greatest faces!

the kids singing at the block party at nellis baptist. we met such great kids that night and had a blast. our kids played, served cotton candy, popcorn, burgers, face painted, and just really made the event fun for the church and guests.

this is the stratosphere. there are 3 roller coasters on top of it, and i rode them all! they were so fun! the needle on the top is kind of like the dungeon drop from astroworld, but it's 125 stories in the air! awesome!

my beautiful girls! i will miss them so much when they promote up to 8th grade in the fall! :(

the first and last night we went up on a hill that overlooked the city. the preacher of one of the churches explaineed to us the importance of seeing all of the millions of lights surrounding the city, and not focusing on the 5 miles strip of lights that make up the strip. when we got to vegas, the strip was the only idea that we had of the city, but when we left we had stories to remind us of all of the other lights that represent families and people that need the love of Jesus!

this is where we stayed...university of las vegas

that's it! hope you liked them!

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