we had an amazing weekend. we drove up to oklahoma to see our very good friends, the kersh's and the hollis'. we got there late friday night and stayed the night at the hollis'. saturday morning we headed over to micah and sunny's. it was so good to see them. we had not seen them since last summer at jeremiah's wedding, and had not seen the kiddos since our wedding, two years ago. creed and rinn had grown up so much and were so fun to hang out with. jude, the newest member of the fam, was sick most of the weekend, but was adorable none the less. they adopted him from korea this year, and he is the sweetest, cutest little guy ever! even though sunny was 100% convinced that i came there to tell her i was pregnant and i had to let her down ...craziness...i think the weekend was perfect! we hung out there all day saturday, and had fun just playing with the kids and chatting. we did get to experience orange tree...a yummy frozen yogurt place in town, and it was delicous! sunday we went to church with the hollis' and got to see micah lead worship! he is by far one of my favorite worship leaders, and it was good to hear him sing again...so talented! that afternoon, after some yummy hideaway pizza, josh and sunny and i went to see a movie. that night micah went with us and the hollis' to red rock, where wade waits tables. it was so good and a beautiful place. yesterday we shared a yummy breakfast with the hollis' and wade's girlfriend, and of course, dana! all the way from russia! i love her so much and it was a blessing to get to hang out with her on skype and talk a little. she will be home soon, and i can't wait! here are some pics from the weekend...enjoy!

josh and i listening to creed and rinn read freckleface strawberry. before that we got to hear rinn recite hiccupotamus...cutest thing i've ever heard!

beautiful rinn

jude...with his huge smile. we got to see this quite a lot the last day we were there. i was very glad for that, and i know sunny was too!

mommy and jude

me and rinny

all three kiddos. crazy talented energetic creed. sweet loving smiley rinn. and drugged out jude! haha...just kidding, poor guy!

creed and rinn did many creative shows for josh and i. this is charlotte's web. rinn was the goose!

rinn in her adorable ballet outfit

josh and creed with their card creation

cutest boys ever!

thursday night, before we left for oklahoma, travis and rebecca took us to an astro's game. although they lost, our seats were sweet and it was fun to hang out with them. pray for them. they just bought a house and should be moving in july! yay!

our seats were right behind home plate on the 2nd deck. i'm pretty sure we almost got hit by a ball like 3 times. close enough for me to hide anyways!

trav and rebecca

great great weekend! can't wait to see my friends in oklahoma again soon. thank you wade and marlene for letting us stay there. your house looks amazing and it was wonderful to spend time with ya'll. micah and sunny, love you so much...always a blessing.

good night!


Dana said...

I'm so glad it was such a great weekend for you. The pics are great. I really loved talking with ya'll on Skype. Technology is just great isn't it. Well I will be home in 1 month and I am looking forward to spending a lot of time with you!! Love you!

MOM said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun!! Your pictures are really cute! Love you both!

Micah and Sunny said...

ahhh....we love you too ash and josh! We are so thankful for your friendship and that you drove all this way to see us! What a blessing you are in our lives.

Could you please tell that cute little black-haired boys mama that it is May for heaven's sake stop dressing the kid in his Christmas jammies! :)