28 week belly pic...

getting bigger!

we have our ultrasound tomorrow. it was supposed to be this morning, but the ultrasound technician was sick so we had to reschedule. hopefully she will be better tomorrow. i felt so bad because my mom came in town for the ultrasound, and she can't come back tomorrow. boo! (sorry mom!) i wish she could go with us.

anyways, pray hard, because tomorrow should be the day we find out if crosby's cyst has gotten smaller. hopefully it is gone completely!

can't wait to see my little crosby tomorrow!

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Deborah Moore said...

Hello Baby Crosby! Goodness he's gonna be here before you know it! I've been praying. Can't wait to hear the news on the ultrasound. Did you get highlights? Your hair looks a bit different in this pic...might just be the light. Anyways, you look great!