truly truly blessed

this week was a great one...although throughout the week i had my doubts, the Lord truly shone through any stress that was there and showed us how truly blessed we are.

i was supposed to have my 28 week ultrasound on tuesday, but the office called and told me that the ultrasound tech was sick. this normally wouldn't be a huge deal, although i was anxious to hear the results on crosby, but i was really upset because my mom had driven into town and stayed the night with us to go with us to the ultrasound. so she didn't get to, which i hated. but my mom and i went to ihop and then she went with me to visit a lady who i am considering to watch crosby when i go back to work. this was blessing #1: this girl was great! i am really excited about having found someone to watch our baby...for those of you that are parents, you know this is a huge decision. she as wonderful and i think a great fit for our family. and i was super excited that my mom was able to go with me to meet her.

then came blessing #2: our appointment was rescheduled for wednesday morning, and josh's mom was still able to go with us, and we found out that CROSBY'S CYST IS GONE! we were so so so exited to hear this news. after 8 weeks of prayer and waiting, it is such a relief to know that his little brain is healthy and he's growing big and strong. in fact, he already weighed 2 lb. 10 oz., which i think sounds really big, considering i stilled have 11 weeks or more to go! he was being really shy and was sleeping for the ultrasound, but he was still so cute. he had his little hand up by his face and seemed really annoyed that we chose his nap time to bother him with picture taking. hahaha. love him!

then came thursday...bad day. i had to be downtown at UH to take the TExEs test. i had to get a passing grade on this test in order to start my alternative certification to get certified to teach. i have been studying really hard for this test, and i took two practice tests, so i went in feeling pretty confident. until about question #3 of 140. the test was completely different from the practice ones i took and i felt like each question could be narrowed down to two good answers, but then i was stuck...on almost every question. so then i spent the rest of the day convincing myself that i had wasted $120 and lots of time and effort. i doubt myself often on grades, but i have never been so sure that i failed something. i was supposed to have to wait until monday for the results, but friday night i checked my email and it said my results were ready...i literally felt sick before i looked them up. then came blessing #3: i passed the test with a 246! (you have to have a 240 to pass). therefore, josh figured out that i passed by 2 or 3 questions. but i don't care...i passed! woo hoo!

all this to say that God is so good to me, and He continually shows me that all i need to do is to relax is wait for Him to show me His plan. He always has a plan...not that it always makes since to me, but He has a plan none the less. and His plan is always better than anything i could ever come up with. so i just wanted to share with my very few blog readers how truly blessed we are and how grateful i am for His blessings!

thanks for reading! :)

now for pics of crosby at 28 weeks....

his little face. the oval thing is his little fist up next to his face. i'm not gonna lie, these face shots kinda creep me out. sorry!

this is how most of our pics looked...crosby holding his little arm up by his face as if saying, "really?! now is not a good time for me. go away!"

3d pic of his chubby little foot :)
i love love love this baby!


MOM said...

You are so amazing! So full of faith, and such a blessing to me!! I love you, my sweet little girl!! You didn't tell me about the test! Well done! All that worry for nothing!!

Deborah Moore said...

Wonderful!!! So many wonderful blessings! Hooray! Congrats on passing your test. That is awesome! And Crosby is so precious...even if he was too busy napping to let you take pics of him. :) I love how their personalities come out, even while in the womb. Keep the posts coming!

Micah and Sunny said...

Aw I love him!!!! How great is our God, my friend?!?! SO happy for all your blessings. You are a blessing to me and I love you.

Debbie said...

Ashley, I have been praying for you and Josh and little Crosby..Thank you for the update..You are such a special young lady and It makes my heart happy to see how strong your relationship is with God and your sweet husband..May God continue to Bless all three of you. Love you...