easter saturday

this is possibly my favorite day of the year...i seriously love my family's easter celebration. we get together the saturday before every easter and we play games, eat lots of food, hang out, and just have a great time! check out some great pictures...

my adorable garrett...

after the kids' egg hunt, we let them hide some eggs for us,
and josh won with 9 eggs!

many generations...my beautiful grandma with her great granddaughter and her great great granddaughter...isn't autumn gorgeous in this picture?!

my pappaw...pray for him, his chemo is making him very sick right now :(

me and my sis...a rare but sweet picture!

christy came in second to josh with 8 eggs

this year we had way less kids hunting eggs than usual, but they enjoyed having all the eggs to themselves! and then there's my silly husband...

my mommy...the one i hear daily that i look like! :)

brandi and brittany...i love these girls

me and my daddy
what a fun day! can't wait til next easter...even though we will celebrate like 10 other holidays together between now and then! i love you all!


Dana said...

Oh my goodness everyone looks so great in these pics! Of course you look just like your mamma but autumn looks just like you! gorgeous!

Mom said...

You are such a precious treasure to me! I love your blog! You should add a link to it on our "THUESEN" group page on Facebook!