ruidoso spring break trip

if i wait until i have time to tell about the trip...i'll never get to it. so here is a picture update. enjoy!
we played cards a lot
where the guys were most nights
the three amigos...josh, sarah, colden

john and sarah
colden and danlee
the whole hang

the cabin where we stayed...it was danlee's family's...so nice

sarah just "hanging" out
the guys were able to play golf 2 days in a row!
beautiful mountains
after day 2 of skiing...nice outfit danlee! :)
i love this dude
can't go without a close-up
ski day number 1
after skiing his first tough slope...he was awesome, i might add


Dana said...

This looks so fun! Where did ya'll go? And who are your friends?

ashley lee... said...

we went to ruidoso, new mexico. colden and sarah graduated with josh at a&m with civil engineering. sarah and john got married a couple of weeks before us, and colden and danlee like a month after us. they are great great people!