please pray

hey everyone,

please be praying for my brother, travis. if you read this very often, you know that he just graduated from the fire academy about a month ago. well, this past saturday he and his station were called as a rescue team to a fire, and when they got there they had to go in and pull two firefighters out that had passed away while fighting the fire. my brother pulled one guy out, and it ended up being one of the rookies that he had just graduated with. he spent this last year in the academy with him and knew him pretty well. he was very shaken up about all of this, and all week has been crazy for them. he had to go through debriefings, ceremonies, and now the memorial service is tomorrow. please pray for the families of this rookie, and the captain that passed away along with him. pray for peace and strength and understanding in this time that could easily bring anger and bitterness. pray that my brother will be able to fight fires without fear and for healing as he deals with this tragedy. also pray for rebecca, his wife, because i think this reality his really shown them the fact that travis will be facing danger regularly, and will need God's protection every day!

thanks for your prayers!


Sherri Snedecor (MOM) said...

It has been a really emotional week for Travis, and all of us! Pray for those families! I can't even imagine how difficult this is for them!

Anonymous said...

Ash, I saw that story on chron.com (my homepage, even though I live thousands of miles away). Thank you for the update. I was so scared that it was Travis or Andy. I'm glad they are alright, but that is so sad! It's scary letting our family members go into danger every day for the career they have chosen, but they are so appreciated! I miss you and your family. Love, Hannah