catch up...again!

ok, so i haven't posted in forever, AGAIN! i have had finals and i still have one more before graduation next friday! agh!!! it's so close! so here are some quick picture updates...enjoy.

parker's 2nd birthday party...seriously, the cutest little boy EVER.
courtney did a fireman theme party at her dad's station. everything was so cute.
parker with his daddy...daniel and courtney did a great job with his party!

we got him a bubble blower mower...hope he likes it!

last weekend, carlie, cindi and logan's littel girl, had her 1st birthday party. it was out at tranquility ranch in magnolia, where logan's parents live. they live on a ton of acres with ponds, trees, horses, an awesome house, and probably lots more. the weather was perfect and it was so good to see the ingrams!

pretty picture of the ranch

cindi helping carlie with her presents

she started out timid with cake...she wasn't feeling very well :(

but then she got into it...literally! hahaha!
one weekend josh and i went downtown to see megan and jeff and we went to a jimmy lafave concert. it was a rainy night, but the concert was amazing and it was so great to hang out with them.

the fuse girls ministry had an 80's self defense night. the girls did a great job dressing up. harvey taught them some neat self defense tricks and they got to practice them on each other. it was hilarious to watch. don't worry, no one was injured!

tammy, renee, and donna

abby and shelby pretending to fight...nerds!

welp, that's it. sorry, kinda boring. i will post again soon, i hope!

oh yeah, pray for shelby, in the picture above. her aunt had open heart surgery on monday and really needs miraculous healing right now. pray for the family too as they deal with this and try to be the strength behind her in this weak time. thanks so much!


Dana said...

I'm so excited for you for graduation! I'm so proud of you. I wish I could be there to see it. Parker and Carlie's birthdays were so cute. What precious kids. And crazy that they are both expecting again. I feel a little behind since I have about a dozen or more friends expecting right now plus those who have had babies in the last year!

Roberts said...

YEA for graduation!! How exciting! No wonder you haven't had time to blog lately. :) I was actually hoping to see a picture of Courtney's belly since I had heard she was expecting again. Good luck on finals!!