i finally did it!

well, i finally graduated! it was a really really long time coming, and it feels great to be finished. i graduated friday from university of houston with a degree in english literature. after seven years of college and four schools later, it is hard to believe i am finished...well, with that part anyways. i have applied to sam houston state university to get my master's in library science, but i have not heard from them yet. anyways, here are some pictures of graduation weekend. the pictures from inside the pavilion were all very dark, so i left those out. i also didn't have any pictures on my camera from my party on saturday, but niki posted them on facebook, so check those out.

me and my oh so supportive hubby...he's the one that convinced me to walk!

my best friend, so glad she came. niki and her mom and sis all came to cheer me on. i thought that was so so so sweet.

josh and i at my parents house that evening.

my great grandma. she wasn't able to make it to the long boring ceremony, but she was there to congratulate me that evening at my small family party. love her! :)

my amazing parents

my wonderful parents-in-law :) they also came to cheer me on, along with my sis-in-law nikki and vicki and jeff...thanks you guys for all the support!

my favorite 2 little grads! this is the only picture i got from my party on saturday...but it's a good one!

saturday night and sunday josh and i redid our little half bath. we painted and got a new mirror, picture, light fixture, and some other little stuff. i think it turned out great!


after...yes, it's purple!

that's it! oh, please keep praying for my pappaw. he is back in the hospital. he has an infection in his spleen and is in lots of pain. and also pray for the desouza family. maura, their daughter, passed away with cancer on tuesday. she was only 22 years old and had an awesome heart. praise God she is in heaven today, but pray for her family as they heal. thanks so much!


Dana said...

I'm so proud of you. But what do you mean Josh had to convince you to walk?! After 7 years and 4 schools you better have walked!

Roberts said...

Wow the bathroom looks amazing. I'm definitely a fan of color!! And congrats on graduating - isn't it the best feeling?

ashley lee... said...

it is the best feeling! i am so glad to be done. i'm glad you like the color, because there are some people that are not a fan! :)

Dana said...

Oh I am so jealous! How are my new mattresses and comforter. I picked it out so I know its lovely to look at. Though the rest of my room might still be a nightmare. What are ya'll doing in OK? How do you like the house? It is pretty awesome huh?!