hartlepool pics...

these are backwards of course, because that's what blogger does...and i'm too lazy to fix it this time! :)

our last picture in hartlepool...at the train station. all of the signs were special for the tall ships festival.

our entire group...we worked in 3 different groups while in hartlepool, so we didn't get to see all of these faces most of the week. it was good to be together again.

some of our english friends...seeing us off at the station

my group for quiz night: "too big to lose!" we thought if we had lots of team members we would win, but we lost terribly. quiz nights are really popular there and they are just fun nights of trivia games with prizes. super neat idea!

pastor mark kissing a bobbie

john working at westview baptist. we had a team here all week working on their yard and painting the building. the yard was so overgrown and neighbors had dumped trash in it. seriously, under the brush we found rusty tools, a mattress, syringes, etc. ick!

the ships were beautiful!

chloe...a did her nails at the nail bar...it was kind of like we would do face painting here. the little girls loved it!

every morning we walked the streets and beaches picking up litter

headland baptist church

josh and i saw a baby seal on the beach walking from our host home to the church!

josh and i at the festival on sunday

our friends on the top of roseberry topping! it was a long hike...

group picture at durham

josh and don barbequed for the texas night

now i will post some pics from durham and then london!

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