durham and roseberry topping...

roseberry topping...our friends tried to convince us all day to climb this "hill" with them...so we did! when we got there....after getting lost...they realized that they had never climbed this one. they had it confused with an easier "hill." i definitely consider this a small mountain! :)

roseberry topping from the road...once we found it
the path down...three of us got lost...this was NOT the path you are supposed to take down! :)

view from the top...gorgeous!

josh pretending to rule the kingdom i guess

the path up...much more climber friendly!

pastor mark in durham...we got stickers for climbing the 300 stair tower to the top of the cathedral. josh changed his sticker to say "i tried to climb..." funny!
view from the top of durham cathedral
john climbing the tower...i was proud of him!
josh climbing the tower...it got really narrow!

jordan...a fellow texas who interned for headland baptist all summer

these phone boths were everywhere in england!

will post london pics later tonight....almost done!

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MOM said...

That all looks EXHAUSTING!!!