my 1st shower

this past sunday, we had a fun little shower with our 8th grade girls. kimberly, one of my best friends, teaches this sunday school class with me, and she is 6 weeks further along than i am in her pregnancy. (meaning she is almost there!!!) one of the moms and my friend cindy got together and planned a little party for the girls to celebrate our babies with us. it was a blast. we played a couple of CUTE games and had donuts and juice. fun times! i am so glad that we were able to celebrate with these girls...they are a huge blessing to me. :) check out some pics...

they decorated the room so cute

this game was fun for the girls...they got clues and had to guess which candy bar answered the question: for example, twins = m&m's or 10 lb. baby = whoppers. cute idea!

cool action shot! cindy dumped these baby socks in the middle of 4 girls and they had to compete to match the most pair...they got a little crazy! :) there was only one casualty, and fortunately it was a baby boy sock! :)
we waited too long to take a picture, so a lot of the girls had to leave before this, but at least we got some of them! :) i love these girls.
me and kimberly...she is so beautiful!
kimberly and abigail with their baby girl gifts...
me and crosby with our baby boy gifts...
it was so fun to open presents together...we had all matching gifts. the girls were so sweet to do this for us!
thank you sandy and cindy for this shower! it was tons of fun and truly a blessing. love y'all!


MOM said...

So sweet! Looks like lots of FUN!! Those girls really love you guys!

Adrienne said...

Awh! Wish I could have been there! :)