nursery extravaganza

i'm finally ready to post the progress pics from the nursery week! i just want to say that i LOVE crsoby's room, and i think it will be so cute once all of his bedding and stuff is in there. i am so happy with how it turned out. :)

Step #1: measure and plan...

step #2: paint the top half of the room this crazy bright red color :)
(papa galen painted crosby's name on the wall!)
step #3: put up wainscoting on bottom half of the room...

wainscoting finished! this step took the longest.
step #4: time to start on the chair rail...
step #5: tedious cutting in around the edges of the trim and wainscoting...

step #6: painting the wainscoting tan

final touches....daddy wanted everything to look perfect!
step #who knows: put the furniture together and try to figure out how to make it all fit!

this project was so much fun. both of our families came to help, and we all had a good time. our dads brought all of their tools and got busy! my mom and i got to go shopping for paint and supplies. kyle came and helped josh go pick up all this heavy furniture in sugarland. everyone grabbed paint brushes and jumped right in. they wouldn't let me in the room very often with all the paint fumes and stuff, but i got to help a little bit and i watched lots of good movies! :) i also made sure everyone was well fed. hahaha. good times. my dad and brother even came into town this past thursday to finish cutting trim and galen came over yesterday to help josh put the furniture together...these guys must really love us! :)

now we just need to figure out how to make that HUGE chair fit in there without looking strange. suggestions?

thanks to everyone who helped...we appreciate it and i know crosby will too!

so, thank you:
papa vance
papa galen
uncle travis
aunt rebecca
and niki

you guys are the best! we love you so much!


Deborah Moore said...

WOW!!! It looks amazing! I am so impressed!

MOM said...

I am so happy for you guys! It is going to be SO beautiful!! And Ashley, thank you SO MUCH for making sure no pictures of me in my HORRIBLE painting outfit got posted! LOL! Love you guys!!

Tracy said...

That is beautiful Ashley!! I have not seen a nursery those colors before. That looks really good. I especially love the crib. I love and miss you!!

Niki said...

It looks so good Ash! I don't think it looks too weird with the recliner where it is in the pictures.