my valentine

i just want everyone to know that i have the most incredible husband EVER! i seriously love him so much and i am so thankful for him. he is so patient with me and my crazy emotions. :) seriously, he puts up with a lot from me, especially lately. he has grown into such an amazing man of God, and i love that i can have confidence in the fact that he is constantly seeking God's will for us and our family. i think he is going to be the best daddy ever, and i can't wait to see him in action. i hope crosby looks just like him too...so handsome.

joshua, i love you more than i could ever say! thank you for being wonderful. i look forward to many more years together. also, thank you for my FLIP CAM! :)


MOM said...

You two are perfect together!!

Niki said...

This made me tear up, so sweet