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looking for alaska by john green:
great book! super sad. also very inappropriate for young readers at times, but still very good. pudge, the main character, leaves home to go to a prep school, and he learns a lot about life. he deals with love, death, and growing up. good read.

the chocolate war by robert cormier:
i'm listening to this now on CD when i drive to work and back every day. it's an old book, but i had never heard of it. it's very interesting, and i think young male readers would especially like it. the voice on the CD really helps to develop characters and add emphasis. i can't wait to see, or rather hear, how it ends! :)

athletic shorts: 6 short stories by chris crutcher:
so far i have read the first two stories, and they are both great. they deal with teens, so far all boys, and their struggle through relationships...with girls, parents, and friends. i am looking forward to reading the rest of the stories.

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