showered with blessings...

i had two amazing showers in march! they were both so much fun and such blessings. josh and i received so many gifts that we will use once crosby gets here. it is incredible to see God provide for us and for our new baby. it makes me wonder how people afford to have kids who do not have such an abundance of friends and family to support and help them. i have felt truly blessed by all of the love and generosity that people have shown! amazing!

the first shower was given by several of my friends. they rented out the auburn lakes club house and went all out decorating, planning, cooking, and everything else. it was seriously awesome!

here's a pic of the room once they got it all decorated...it was giraffe theme, of course, and it was so incredibly cute!

me and all of the hostesses. these girls all worked so hard to make this day happen for me. i appreciate them all so much!

i opened lots of presents and got lots of things that we really really needed!

autumn with her great great grandma...i am so happy that grandma was able to make it to the shower. i love her.

this was the corsage i wore...lauren took a cool pic of it with my ring. yes, my fingers are officially too fat to wear my wedding ring, so i have gotten creative! :)

lauren made yummy cupcakes and cake balls. there were also adorable giraffe cookies that rebecca and ashley made...everything was sooooo good!

courtney and niki, who both worked soooooo hard on this shower, gave me an amazing gift. everything had crosby's name on it...onsies, bibs, burp cloths, this cute bucket, a quilt, and more!

me and mommy (or granny)

this was the table when you walked in. those blocks are now in his room and look so cute! i also put the cute little piggy bank in his room. love it all! everyone got to guess crosby's birthdate, weight, and length too. josh and i had a lot of fun going through the guesses. we shall see who was closest! :)

dana coordinated a game with crosby's name...each bag had a baby item that started with each letter of his name. the bags were so cute!

such an amazing day! thanks so much to everyone who helped!

the next shower was on wednesday during lunch. all of the ladies at work got together and threw me an incredible shower. we had so much fun escaping the office for a couple of hours and hanging out at mrs. judy's house. they did such a great job planning this shower!

i had to wear these cute giraffe ears while i opened presents. it was fun! there was a tail too, but since i wore a dress, i messed that up. hahaha...i love this picture!

my co-workers got together and got us the car seat and pack and play! this was such a blessing. these things are pricy and very very necessary. josh put the car seat in the car on saturday. i'm not gonna lie...it's strange to look in my mirror and see a car seat. exciting!

the cake was sooooo cute! it was giraffe themed too! :) i never knew how much i loved giraffes until i chose that as crosby's nursery theme. now i just love it!

we played the crosby bag game at this shower too. it was cool to see the different items that they used for each letter. very very creative! :)

lots of adorable clothes, books, toys, and so much more. again, blessed!

these showers were awesome and i cannot believe all of the gifts that we got for crosby. with three weeks left until the due date (crazy!) i can truly say that i am ready for him to get here and i have everything i need for his arrival. i can only thank my amazing friends for that! now...time to write lots of thank you cards! :)

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