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ok ok ok...i know i am now the worst blogger ever! i knew that when my semester got tough i would probably blog less often, but this was out of control! sorry readers! i hope you will come back to read more. :)

this semester really did kick my butt. i am not sure my classes were any harder, but i am definitely getting to the point that i just want to graduate and i am easily overwhelmed! plus, i had a professor this semester that i literally wanted to hit every time i saw her. seriously, i had to pray every time i went to class so that i would keep me attitude in check...which sometimes worked. since i had an attitude problem toward her horrible teaching skills and insulting political views, she returned the feelings unfortunately. i somehow managed to get a B in her class, and i now never have to see her again. thank the Lord. i got A's in my other two classes and now i only have to take 3 classes in the spring, and i graduate in may!!! yay! i can't wait.

christmas was fun, and i have had a blast relaxing. i have been off work since christmas eve and i go back on monday...it's been a terrific break. although i feel like we celebrated christmas a million times over, it was all fun. after christmas pageant and a ton on christmas parties, we started the family events. the weekend before christmas i had all of my 7th grade girls sunday school class spend the night (wow...was that exhausting and so fun!), then jessica and melanie and kaylei were in town so we did christmas at the lee's. kaye and galen redid their house and it looks so good. new wood floors, paint, light fixtures, curtains, the whole shebang. looks great! that sunday we went to trinity to my aunt's house to do a smaller family christmas with my fam. christmas eve we celebrated with the garcia's, christmas day we went to needville to my aunt lenor's, and then the weekend after christmas we went to mineola to celebrate with josh's whole family. then on new year's eve we went back to the garcia's which was a blast, and new year's day my entire family came to our house for black eyed peas, cabbage, and much more delicious sides! i made my first ham, which was fun! so needless to say, although everything was a blast, it was exhausting.

some fun things we did...we went to see body worlds 2 at the museum with my parents. it was so neat and very interesting and just a little bit disgusting! if the rooms hadn't been so hot, i think it would have been better. my favorite part was the development of babies. i just had to keep reminding myself that it was all fake, and that no one had to die in order for them to make the exhibit.

we also went to a texan's game with niki's dad and her boyfriend leland. we had fun, and it was the first time i was the only girl in a long time. it was fun! we won the game, so that made it even better.

josh got me great gifts for christmas...even though he went over budget! :) i got tickets to a broadway play, spring awakening, which we will go to next weekend. he also got me an ipod shuffle (i finally can say i've used an ipod!), a watch for running, season 4 of friends, a new book, some wall hangings, and i think that's it. sorry if i forgot something josh! his parents gave us great gifts too...including money to get a grill for our back deck. we got it this past week, and i am so excited to grill out first burgers. kaye got me a ticket to the rockette's to go with her and nikki and the other ladies in her sunday school class and their daughters. it will be so much fun and we're going in 2 days! can't wait! niki got me the first twilight book, which i loved! they are addicting books, and i can't wait to start the second one.

i have been reading a lot lately. i read twilight last week, the choice by nicholas sparks this week, and now i started a series that i've been wanting to read called the mitford series. it's good so far. i'm trying to read as much as possible before school starts back in about 2 weeks.

this semester...my last semester...i will be taking intro to religious studies, the Bible and modern science, and some other random class, i think it's called media and society. should be an easier semester without any english classes, but we'll see. i always say that, and regret it later.

well enough rambling for now...i will go through my recent pictures and try to recap my semester...i'll be brief! :) sorry again for being such a horrible blogger!

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