well, i officially had all 4 wisdom teeth out yesterday. please pray that i will feel better soon. it hurts worse than i expected it to, but i know by tomorrow i should be well rested and able to go back to work on monday...i hope so anyway. just wanted everyone to know that i am recovering well, and josh is taking great care of me. hopefully i'll write again soon.


Roberts said...

I took my widsom-teeth-ectomy as an opportunity to eat more ice cream than humanly possible! :)

Dana said...

Well I hope you feel better soon. If it helps when I got mine out I slept for a full 24 hours, never had to use more than advil and was out at the movies the next night.

bekah said...

i have to have mine out on the 9th! im not looking forward to it! hope you get to feeling better : )