last weekend

last weekend was a fun one. friday night josh took me downtown on a fancy date! he even wore a suit! we went to hard rock for dinner and then went to the hobby center to see a broadway show. it was super fun, and we really needed a night for ourselves.

saturday my parents came over so that my dad could help josh install recessed lighting in our bedroom. the lighting in a bedroom is very very dark and shadowy, so we really needed brighter lighting. they did a great job, even though it took forever! :)

it was hard to get a good picture of the lights

attempt #2
this is the cool light switch my daddy installed. it fades the fan, light, and recessed lights to like 7 different stages...pretty cool!
but my mom and i watched tv with travis and rebecca, and it was a relaxing day. my parents brought their new puppy, ruby, who is so adorable, and it took all i had not to hide her so that she had to stay...josh would have killed me!

ruby with her parents...

sleepy ruby
that night my parents came back over after going to see heather and the kids, and josh cooked the 4 of us steaks on our new grill that we got for Christmas. they were yummy!

sunday evening we went out to lupe tortillas for hannah's birthday. she and jeremiah turned 25!!! we're getting so much older! it was fun, because we don't get to see her often. she is about to move to virginia so we will see her much less after her wedding in february. i am so excited for her and can't wait to see how her new life with jason goes in a far away land! :)

mark and heather

hannah and her best friend jessica
niki and leland
all in all it was a great weekend...now onto another very fun and much anticipated weekend. will post on that later.

oh yeah...pray for micah and sunny. they are currently in korea loving on their new baby boy, jude. they will be bringing him to the states on the 22, so pray that he adjusts well and realizes how much so many people here love him.

good night...


Mom said...

I am really jealous about those lights! Maybe Dad will do that for me someday!!!

Dana said...

Love all the pics! This makes me miss ya'll even more and makes me even more anxious to get back! Love you and miss you a ton!