this weekend was amazing! twice a year we go camping with my favorite group of friends...and this weekend was the "winter trip." each winter we go up to elkhart to daniel's tree farm and camp in the freezing weather. we just hang out, ride four wheelers, shoot guns, eat a lot, and walk in the woods a lot. it's great times! this year we had a few new people come, and it was such a blessing to have them. our roomie, kyle, came. niki's boyfriend leland came for the first time. and tim, our long lost friend from high school, came and brought his wife meagan. it was so good to see him again and get to know meagan. they are such a great couple. everyone else that came were regulars. unfortunately ashley nelson and her new bo, shooter, were not able to come because she was sick. :( we missed you ashley!!! anyways, i took over 100 pictures of the trip...i know, it's rediculous...but i narrowed it down to my favs. enjoy!

group pic

my absolute favorite picture of kyle...this could be in a magazine! i love it!

daniel and courtney - the one's that make this happen.
thanks so much for everything!

jenn beating brian...
fyi, her new HUGE engagement ring is absolutely gorgeous!

josh and i

tim and meagan

me and my bestest friend

josh and kyle...no comment

niki and leland

lauren and brent

kyle climbed this huge tree! it was insane, and very unsafe
(from the safety coordinator!)

it looks like josh is leaning on a small tree, but no, this was his walking stick.
i love this nerd!

jenn not beating brian

i love these people and the trip was great. beside the almost horrible ending caused by my dramaticness, it was perfect. thanks for the memories and i can't wait until the summer trip!!!


MOM said...

Okay, you have explain your "dramaticness" and what is almost caused!!!

Dana said...

Yea what is this dramaticness?! And I just really want to live in America so I can go camping with all my old friends. I can't lie I am feeling way left out and hate it!

ashley lee... said...

ok...the drama was me being a brat and not wanting mexican food on the way home. i got the attitude that we all know i possess, and i had to go around apologizing to everyone. i hate that! but since they love me, they all lied and said it was ok! :)

Courtney said...

Did you sleep like a baby Sunday night? I know that I did. I had so much fun this weekend, but I am still trying to recover. Have a great week. Hope to see ya'll soon!!!!!!

Roberts said...

Looks like fun! Somehow it never clicked that y'all knew Brian and Jennifer. :)

The Arrington Family said...

This is Ashley George (now Arrington). I found your blog through Sam & Derric's! It's so great to see so many familiar faces, its fun that yall are still so close!