congrats bro!

my brother finally graduated from the houston fire academy last week. we are so proud of him, and it was really fun to watch him be all serious in his uniform. it was downtown at the wortham center...very pretty. there were some...interesting...folks in his class, but they provided entertainment for the evening. anyways, i am extremely proud of my big brother, and i can't wait to hear all of his crazy stories from work. i just pray that the Lord keeps him safe and that he and rebecca are able to stay strong in thir marriage through all of the difficulties that come with being married to a firefighter. i know they'll be great!

they are such a cute couple!

when she was pinning his badge on him, the captain asked if she wanted a stool! so funny!

andy boyd graduated with my brother as well. jackie pinned his badge on. they get married this summer...so exciting!


Anonymous said...

YAY!! for Travis and Andy!!! I'm so happy for them!!

-Hannah Belk-Patrick

Dana said...

Yea for your brother! That is so exciting. Yes my short hair is new. I got about 6 inches cut off about a month ago. So it has actually grown some too. It was way short!