i have a ton to post about, of course, but a couple of weeks ago we had disciple now at our church, and i never posted about it. it was a great weekend! i taught 11th and 12th grade girls...although technically no 11th graders came. we stayed at the bruce's house, same as last year, and it was so much fun. although i was a little disappointed at first, because only 5 girls signed up to come, and only 3 showed up, it ended up being perfect. we were able to discuss some things in small group and some decisions were made that i know would not have been if it were the typical 10 or so girls there. the weekend was about transforming our lives to represent Christ and the theme was transformers. it was a cool idea. we had many students commit to leadership, tons give up sin in their life or commit to work on getting rid of it, and the speaker taught to kids easy ways to stay in His word. it was a great weekend. josh had 11th and 12th grade boys, and he had 13 dudes at his house! dang! it was so crazy he even accidentally left one of them at the house during the day on saturday...hahaha! here are some pics from the weekend...
me and julie!

julie and jenna...probably related to the stupid dart game! :)

shelby and abby...2 of my beautiful 7th grade girls!

michael...cool hair

marissa playing the hula hoop game

one more thing before i go to bed...i turned 25 today! i can't believe i am half way to 50...it's ridiculous. seriously! but we had a great weekend. we went to dallas for kaylei's birthday party (will post more on this tomorrow) and then came home for church sunday. today my family took me out to lunch...mom, dad, heather, the kiddos, trav, rebecca, and niki. it was great! tonight after work josh took me to eat sushi. yummy! it was a great birthday! here is the present i picked out myself and got 2 weeks ago! :) it's a corner shelf in the dining room for all my willow tree!

oh yeah...and here is the finished product of our fence. we get grass planted tomorrow!

ok goodnight!


Roberts said...

I"m so glad the weekend went well!!

Dana said...

It sounds like you have been having fun! It looks like I will be back sometime mid to end of June. I'm so ready! Though I am leaving for Egypt for spring break on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

1. Happy Belated Birthday! I love you!

2. Disciple Now is so fun and I am thrilled that you only had a few girls because then you can get to the heart of any matter.

3. I AM IN LOVE with your Willow Tree hutch!!! SOOOOO pretty!

-Hannah Belk-Patrick