kaylei's 3!!!

many of you already know this...but our precious niece, kaylei, was born on my birthday, march 9, 3 years ago! it is insane that it has been three years...i seriously can't believe it. she is more and more beautiful every time we see her, and she is such a joy to be around. she is a lot like me in that she has a very strong personality...i think that is another reason i love her so much. she knows what she wants (and usually gets it ), she is so loving and sweet, super smart, and just down right great! last weekend we went up to dallas to see kaylei and her mommies and go to her birthday party at boomerangs...it's kind of like pump it up or one of those places...it's just jam packed with bouncy things for thekids to exhaust themselves on. all of our other cousins came too, so we got to see josh's aunt vicki and uncle jeff. polly and jason and their clan were there and micah and ramon and their kiddos. we didn't get to see the dobbs, which was sad, but know that you were missed! :) here are some pics from the day...

kaylei and campbell sharing icecream at dinner after the party

strawberry shortcake...yes, she's still around!

ellie hanging out in jumpy pool...isn't she so cute?

guess who?

josh and liam...these boys seriously love josh!

kaylei was all smiles all day

josh wrestling with liam and aidan

kaylei and campbell again


cool kaylei
it was such a fun day! thanks for the memories.

oh yeah, everyone pray for ellie! she is only 21 months old and she has had some medical issues. they just found out that her spleen is about 4 times the correct size, so they have some decisions to make. pray that everything goes smoothly. thanks!

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Micah and Sunny said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot get over how LONG your hair is!! You look so pretty.

Love you